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熟视无睹/Elephants 2018
类 型:剧情 / 爱情
导 演:Alexander Hanno
编 剧:
链 接:豆瓣 / IMDb (tt7125498)
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   A true indie film through and through, Elephants takes an authentic look at a modern relationship in a "slice of life" style, peeling away intimate layers to ask the question: how do you know when someone's right for you or rather, when it's time to move on? After a three year stint in prison, the charming but hot-headed Lee Riley returns to Los Angeles to win back the girlfriend he left behind, alluring and headstrong Kate Caldwell. Despite having moved on and grown into an independent woman, Kate agrees to let him stay while he looks for an apartment and soon enough, the pair falls back into their old patterns, losing themselves in an ardent relationship once more. Yet, as the free-spirited nature of their romance starts to tear down the life Kate has built, she finds herself losing her new identity but unable to let Lee go. Likewise, Lee starts to wonder if the buoyant memories from their past are preventing him from growing up and becoming something more.