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协议/The fact 2018
协议/The fact
又 名:The fact / 事实
类 型:惊悚
导 演:David Victori
链 接:豆瓣 / IMDb (tt7690762)
分 享:

   Mónica adores her daughter Clara. One day, the teenager is found unconscious and in a coma, a coma that even the doctors can't explain. Anxious, filled with pain and driven by desperation, Monica would do anything to save her and bring her back to life. Even something that could cause unexpected consequences...
David Victori dives into the supernatural horror thriller realm to present his debut, and he does it by being at ease with all the elements of the genre. He introduces a story that shows the darkness we all have inside, bringing the characters to the emotional verge. Elegant and filled with a suggestive atmosphere, combining subtle hints and suspense traces, the film is enhanced by the performances of the charismatic Belén Rueda and Darío Grandinetti.
Victori has already achieved a lot, he is a winner of Youtube’s Film Festival and made a web series, “Zero” (2015), which was produced by Ridley Scott and Michael Fassbender. The Pact is yet another exciting new step in his journey as filmmaker.